This Wild Life @ The Constellation Room – August 2nd 2017

Starting the show off with A Will Away followed by Dryjacket both groups of musicians played unique and powerful sets. The crowd was completely involved with both bands sets. Fast forward to This Wild Life after about two and a half hours the trio promptly hit the stage at 10pm. After seeing This Wild Life a few times fans became used to seeing Kevin Jordan (main vocalist and rhythm guitarist) on one side while Anthony Del Grosso (backing vocals and lead guitar) holds down the opposite side of the stage. However; on this tour we we’re also graced with the presence of Alex Bemis (backing vocals and bass guitarist) which was a nice addition the groups set. TWL opened up with Concrete which had every fan singing along with Jordan. Having the fans sing along helped keep up his smile for the night as the fans didn’t stop with just one song. The audience followed up by seducing The Observatory with vocals to Pull Me Out and Ripped Away. Before leading into the next song Jordan announced how proud he was to play Ripped Away (one of the groups first original acoustic songs) before their most recent acoustic release Break Me. As Jordan and Del Grosso began to lead into Better With You Jordan said “I feel foolish asking this next request as you guys have been singing along the whole night, but can you guys sing the intro with me to this next song?” And without hesitation came La, La, La..Ooo, Ooo, Ooo echoing from the crowd. As the song finished Jordan began to tell the crowd how this wasn’t the first, nor the second, or the third, or fourth, BUT the FIFTH soldout home show they’ve done as they are from Long Beach, CA which received a loud appreciation cheer from the crowd. “This is really fucking cool” Jordan exclaimed at the end of his sentence. Jordan then took a poll for who in the room loved cats and proceeded to call the audience weird because he was a dog lover. Then the crowd began “barking” and Jordan said “that’s the dog pound right there”. Shortly after the group led into Puppy Love followed by No More Bad Days. I have to pause here. No one can just listen to no more bad days without catching some serious feels. I’ve heard No More Bad Days plenty of times before and live a few times, but now that my grandma has passed I couldn’t help but get chills and dedicate the song to her as I raised my hand and sung along. Next up was Let Go followed up by Jordan taking song request. Jordan cracked a joke in response to Del Grosso saying that a fan was asking for Looking Back by saying “Looking back..taking back…baby got back?” and the crowd erupted with a cheer. Jordan asked if he could play Sleepwalking (Bring Me The Horizon cover) instead to which another eruption occured. After playing Sleepwalking one fan who was consistently yelling out “History” finally got his wish as the group played History before playing their last song Falling Down.

Overall This Wild Life’s Low Tide Tour was an expected success. They sold out their hometown, they had the entire crowd singing along with all their old and new music and they also brought some cool additions to this tour that they haven’t had for awhile or at all previously. Fans got to witness the return of Alex Bemis, Umbrellifish, Rainbow Lasers that lined the walls and the band members throughout the set, and we got to hear some great songs off of the bands 2016 amazing release Low Tides. Everyone who was in the crowd wasn’t just feeling the heat, but they were feeling the love from both the bands and from each other. It was a night of unity and enjoyment. As the band finishes off the last few days of tour allow this to be a reminder: This Wild Life isn’t going anywhere but up. So catch them live at these intimate style shows because that’s when you can really feel the love and the passion coming out of these guys voices and fingers.

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