This Will Destroy You + Clarice Jensen @ Rickshaw Theatre – November 8th 2018

It was a night atmospheric instrumental aural pleasure at the Rickshaw Theatre with Clarice Jensen opening the show. Clarice played an electric Cello with a plethora of effect pedals by her feet, manipulating the baritone notes and looping certain tones to fill the room. Her one-person-act was enough to have the audience captivated with her multi-layered instrumentation.

American experimental rockers This Will Destroy You (aka TWDY) came onto a dimly lit stage with landscape projections behind them and then bassist/keyboard player Jesse Kees pressed gently on the keys as a light organ sound played, shortly followed by an abrupt drum riff by Robi Gonzalez, as their track ‘Melted Jubilee’ started. Their setlist was a mix of early material and their latest October 2018 release ‘New Others Part Two’. As far as instrumental acts go, these guys are not one to miss.


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