Thomas Rhett + Brett Young @ Abbotsford Centre – May 3rd 2017

I first heard Thomas Rhett back in 2014 when he won Country Song Of The Yea t the iHeartRadio Music Awards for the title track from his 2013 album, It Goes Like This.

My tastes usually preclude most country music but the underlying acoustic work and power of the chorus just drew me in. The song seemed to become a guilty pleasure and found it’s way onto a few of my playlists.

Seeing the man three years later at a near capacity arena seemed surreal. Even more was the production value his team brought to the performance. Intense spotlights lined the top of the stage, building giant cones of colors across the stage. The backdrop was an enormous led screen, maybe fifty feet wide by 30 feet tall, that displayed beautifully put together visual feeds to accompany every song. It was stunning.

Despite my early adoption of Thomas Rhett music, I never spent much time following his later releases. To my surprise and delight, his newer music was even better than what I had already heard. His voice and lyrics had matured over the years. I was impressed.

Opening the show for Mr. Rhett was American country music singer-songwriter Brett Young. His set was fun and stirred up the audience. I enjoyed his set and I enjoyed how excited the female contingent around me were to see him perform. He definitely has some eager fans.

Even though we were asked to shoot the show from the back of the stadium by the soundboard, also called Front of House, I still found some angles to capture the show.

Some fans would see my camera and promptly stand in front of my lens and make a funny face but I knew they were just having some fun.

In the end I snapped some photos I liked.

Hopefully, next time either act returns we get access to shoot them from the pit. The lighting direction and the charisma of each performer would make for some beautiful shots.

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