Photo Gallery: Thrice @ Showbox SoDo – January 25th 2020

Thrice bathed in light.

The anger of youth gives way to contemplation as we age, memories of gut reactions that we less than productive are fuel for sleepless nights and countless therapy sessions. This is an aspect of Thrice’s music that I’ve always found compelling. When they announced a 15th-anniversary tour of Vhiessu I was intrigued because this is a band that’s put so much emphasis on growing and not repeating the past. Along for the ride, as if to highlight the various modes of Thrice were the dreamlike soundscapes of Holy Fawn, the raw, visceral Drug Church, and the meditative verses of mewithoutYou.

The night felt cohesive in a way that many full album performances don’t, it all flowed together and captivated the packed warehouse that is Showbox SoDo. If you’re a fan of Thrice or just someone who wants to catch night of four excellent bands make sure to catch this tour, you will not be disappointed.



Drug Church

Holy Fawn

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