“Throwback Sizzling Jam” with Joe + Blackstreet + 112 + Sisqo @ Orleans Arena – July 21st 2018

I was invited to Las Vegas to cover Blackstreet at the Throwback Sizzling Jam

It was great to see the guys and some new acts that I haven’t shot before like 702, Sisqo & Joe.

The Orleans Arena has great lighting, and room in the pit.

Each act had about 20 mins, but Joe had 45mins.

The show’s pace didn’t seem rushed and the crowd was into it.

The first act I saw was 702, Named after the area code of their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

I didn’t get anyone setlist but here’s their CD’s No Doubt, 702 & Star

The second was Sisqo the Dragon from the r&b group Dru-Hill.

Of course, we all remember this guy mega-hit “Thong Song”.

Well, he and his group had more than just that one; “Unleash the Dragon”, “Return of Dragon”, and “The Last Dragon”.

Third, we have the new 112. Now I just saw them a few months ago in Phoenix with original members, but tonight two of the four has left the group.

I have no idea why, all that was said to the audience was that we love our brother’s and wish them well.

they still sounded good and danced well. P-Diddy & Bad Boy training held up.

Here’s their Albums 112, Room 112, Part III, Hot & Wet, Pleasure & Pain & Q Mike Slim Daron

My boy Blackstreet did the damn thang as usual.

True showmen, from the dressing alike dance routine stage, presents and making eye contact with the audience.

I was told that a new album is in the works and we can expect something soon. Until then revisit these. Blackstreet, Another Level & Finally.

Now I know everyone heard this “They say this is a big rich town” it’s the theme to cable tv show POWER.

But long before that Joe has had those hits.

Our modern day Marvin Gaye. A gentleman, ladies man, smooth brotha and of course “A Player”.

This guy can sing for real, and his band was effin’ awesome.

45 mins. of non-stop mood music. I can only suggest if your not up on Joe yet pick up these titles – “All That I Am”, “My Name Is Joe”, “Better Days”, “Aint nothin’Like Me”, “The Good The Bad & The Sexy”, “Signature”, and “My Name Is Joe Thomas”.


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