Trap or Die 3 tour ft. Jeezy @ The Pressroom – March 30th 2017

So, it’s The NCAA Final Four weekend and there’s a lot going on out here in Phoenix.

I just left a hotel party and had to make my way downtown to The Pressroom where Lil Durk & Young Jeezy are performing, and I’m late.

Now I have to talk my way in, security informs me that there’s already a bunch of photog/video guys in there.

Damn! This place is packed. Thick smoke is in the air so after jockeying for position in the pit and wishing the lighting was better. I made do with what I had.

I missed Durk performance, but I was right on time for the main act.

Jeezy, aka the Snowman, screams out, “YYYEAH!!!”, as he takes the stage.

There was no shortage of Jeezy fans in the building.

They love him, it’s great to go to shows when everybody is singing along with the artist.

That’s how you know that it’s a real good artist, Jeezy did not disappoint he ran through his catalog of hits and he did Atlanta proud.

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