Photo Gallery: Uncle Acid & the deadbeats + Graveyard @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – March 19th 2019

It was a night of Psychedelic rock from two bands with long hair and no care but riffs and resonant vocals.

The Swedish hard rockers, Graveyard, came onto a dimly lit stage with vintage guitars in hand ready to blow the Commodore away.


Graveyard setlist:

  1. Walk On
  2. Please Don’t
  3. The Fox
  4. Hisingen Blues
  5. Uncomfortably Numb
  6. Bird of Paradise
  7. Cold Love
  8. Buying Truth
  9. Hard Times Lovin’
  10. An Industry of Murder
  11. The Suits, the Law & the Uniform
  12. Goliath
  13. Magnetic Shunk
  14. Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)
  15. Ain’t Fit to Live Here
  16. The Siren

With the crowd firmly warmed up, it was time for the British stoner rockers Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats to take to the stage. Their logo was projected on the back in a 70’s blood red style font and trippy visuals started to form. Their sound is reminiscent of late 60’s heavy metal with some fuzzy vocals and drone guitars thrown in.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats setlist:

  1. I See Through You
  2. Waiting For Blood
  3. Mt. Abraxas
  4. Mind Crawler
  5. Death’s Door
  6. Shockwave City
  7. Crystal Spiders
  8. Dead Eyes of London
  9. Pusher Man
  10. I’ll Cut You Down
  11. Blood Runner
  12. 13 Candles
  13. Melody Lane
  14. No Return


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