Vance Joy @ The Vogue Theatre - September 27th 2017
Vance Joy @ The Vogue Theatre - September 27th 2017

Photo Gallery: Vance Joy + Amy Shark @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – September 27th 2017

Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy performed in front of a sold-out Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on Wednesday night.

Opening the show was a new-to-the-scene fellow Australian by the name of Amy Shark. Since her song “Adore” was released a few years ago, she quickly gained Youtube fame which led to a contract with a major label. Her set was emotional but still managed to be quite fun. She had the masses dancing, and post-set many were on their phones trying to find more information about the singer. We say down with Amy, earlier in the day. Keep an eye peeled for the full interview.

Vance Joy came out with his trusty acoustic guitar and swooned the audience with his big smile and heartfelt lyrics. The show felt very personal and you could see with the stage setup that he was primed to move into big venues in the near future. His set was equally visually and musically beautiful. They flooded the stage with theatrical smoke and right lights, which made things feel ethereal. It is no wonder this man can draw in the masses with his ability, passion, and his humbleness, he is simply wonderful.

Photos © Jamie Taylor//Cryptic Photography

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