Weird Al Yankovic @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – September 8th 2015

Weird Al Yankovic @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre - September 8th 2015

I have been a huge Weird Al fan since the 80s.

I remember going to a garage sale when I was about 9 years old and buying his 1988 release Even Worse on cassette tape. It was a defining moment in my love affair with music.

He exposed me to new music. Every time I would find a song of his I loved, some one would tell me which song it was a parody of. Then I would seek out the original to compare.

In 1989, Mr. Yankovic co-wrote and starred in one of my favorite movies; the hyper-obscure, off-the-wall comedy UHF. That was it I was a lifer. Al managed to keep himself relevant for the next 2+ decades, and managed to keep my attention on him no matter what he ventured into. His comedic sense inspired me, and his creative style encouraged me to think outside the box.

On Monday night I was granted access to photograph my idol during his performance at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. I was ecstatic. Even more so when I arrived as I was advised I was allowed to shoot the entire set, and I was the only photographer.

I spent the next 1.5+ hours taking a ton of shots of Mr. Yankovic. He spent that time working his butt off for the crowd. It was a pleasure to take it all in and to document.

I would say that he is one of the hardest working, fan-driven, interactive performers I have ever seen. He changed costumes in between almost every song, and he performed every hit you could want to hear.

It was a perfect night.

I hope you enjoy my photos. I would love to hear your thoughts about the show or my pictures.

To see these photo in the full size Flickr album click here – Weird Al Yankovic Gallery

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