Wolf Parade + Low Levels @ Imperial – February 23rd 2017

I was in attendance for the second night of a three-night run for Wolf Parade’s triumphant return to Vancouver. It was a boisterous, sold-out crowd, curious about newer tunes and going 100% bonkers for the band’s classic material. They managed to get a pretty reasonable moshpit going up front and I even had the privilege of being the last person on the line to try and chuck an unexpected crowd surfer onto the stage. Sadly, the lighting was pretty dark, so I’ve not a lot to show for it, but there are a few photos below, along with some from the much-brighter opening set by local band Low Levels. There were different openers for each night of the run, and these guys seemed to pique the curiosity of some of the early arrivals, with a decent group of head-bobbers approaching the stage to get in close to their boisterous energy. With Wolf Parade’s gear set up behind them under sheets, all three members were packed to the front of the stage, further amplifying their charging sound.

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