yelawolf @ Commodore Ballroom - Graeme Foote
yelawolf @ Commodore Ballroom - April 23rd 2016

Yelawolf @ Commodore Ballroom – April 23rd 2016

Yelawolf.  I am a huge fan, and sadly I have missed his show every time he has been through town, until this one.   I went in with some hesitations, as most hip-hop shows I’ve been too have been a bit disjointed in the flow of music.   Those hesitations were put to rest immediately after Yelawolf took the stage; blending a dj with live guitars.   His latest album Love Story is a huge departure from his down south gritty hip-hop, incorporating traditional songwriting, and guitars, and proving that he can sing as well as rap.   Easily one of my favorite albums of the last 12 months.   The translation from album to live setting was flawless, and this show was easily one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while.

yelawolf @ Commodore Ballroom – April 23rd 2016

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