Zakk Wylde @ Commodore Ballroom - August 25th 2016
Zakk Wylde @ Commodore Ballroom - August 25th 2016

Photo Gallery: Zakk Wylde @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – August 25th 2016

The mad master of steel string shredding, the one the only Zakk Wylde, took over the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on Thursday night.

His set just reinforced the fact that he is one of the living guitar gods walking among mere mortals on this planet.

Through the night he worked the metal strings on his guitar with a feverish precision. At one point I swear blood was spraying from one of his fingers. Though I didn’t want to look directly at his hands while he worked the guitar, out of fear of losing my mind.

Take a look at my pics of the night. In typical fashion the lights were fantastic.

  1. Ok. You’ve gotta be the one to save me from this. At this show, Tyler Bryant was supposed to be the middle act in between Jared James and Zakk. I don’t remember what happened but he was replaced last minute by some other band. I CAN’T FIND ANYONE THAT KNOWS WHO THEY WERE. It’s like my brain just blacked out their name. Please help me. By what I can see you were at almost every concert I was at, back in 2016 at least.

    Help me Jaime Tsylor, you’re my only hope

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