Top 10 Lesser-Known Horror Comedies

Top 10 Lesser-Known Horror Comedies

We return to the movie world to sift through the junk and deliver you the top ten horror comedies that you might not have heard about.

I am a sucker for movies that mix comedy and horror. It allows for a horror story to push through its boundaries into a lot of weird and strange areas.

So without further ado here is our list of the top 10 lesser-known horror comedies.

The Cottage [2008]
small_The Cottage [2008]

Somewhere in the UK, two brothers kidnap a woman and bring her to a remote cottage to hold her while they attempt to get a ransom. The main characters become tangled in the web of a psychopathic farmer, who then goes on a murderous rampage. At times the movie is quite dark and bloody, but it never loses its comedic edge. It is worth the watch for the interesting death scenes alone.

John Dies At The End [2012]
small_John Dies At The End [2012]

This film seems to be a comedic ode to Naked Lunch. It takes big leaps into the strange and surreal, and leaves the viewer wondering, “Did that really just happen?” The final product is something unique and intriguing, but you can never quite stop thinking, “What the fuck?” The movie is campy and cheesy, and it is all done quite purposefully.

Sightseers [2012]
small_Sightseers [2012]

A dry UK dark-comedy. The tale follows the two underwhelming main characters as they go on a cross-country adventure. The leads are both neurotic and self-conscious and quite psychotic. Its a playful film that draws you in and leaves you laughing. The film was directed by Ben Wheatley, the mastermind behind the brilliant 2011 film – Kill List.

What We Do In The Shadows [2014]
small_What We Do In The Shadows [2014]

A brood of Vampires living together in New Zealand work hard to deal with the modern world. This single-camera, documentary-style flick is hilarious and creative and just simply fun to watch. They recently announced that a sequel is in development, so go check this out just to wet your whistle.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil [2010]
small_Tucker and Dale vs. Evil [2010]

A kind of anti-slasher film. Two country-bumpkin friends venture to their newly acquired vacation property to size it up for renovations, when they run in to a group of eager-to-party teenagers. A series of accidental deaths lead to both parties believing the other to be the bad guys. Chalk full of epic death scenes, and awkward moments. A great movie to watch with friends.

Tusk [2014]
small_Tusk [2014]

Director Kevin Smith set out to make a statement with this film. What that statement is, has yet to be established. Is it just being weird for the sake of being weird? Or is it creativity from a man gone mad? Regardless the end result is very unique, and leaves you with the unwavering fact that this is a cult film that will be brought up for years to come. Watch as podcaster Wallace Bryton, portrayed by Justin Long, is captured and transformed by the demented Howard Howe, played by Michael Parks.

  • The Voices [2014]
    small_The Voices (2014)

    A likeable and awkward guy starts getting advice from his pets. He thinks he is doing the right thing, but it may be possible that he is just slipping into madness. A great role portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

  • Life After Beth [2014]
    small_Life After Beth [2014]

    It’s not your typical zombie flick. This indie-vibe production follows the story of a young man that is in the midst of the dead rising all around him. When one of those recently risen is his girlfriend, he tries to get back into his daily groove with her but finds she is not quite the same since the change.

    Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead [2014]
    small_Dead Snow 2 Red vs. Dead [2014]

    Honestly this is one of the best zombie movies you will ever watch. 2009’s Dead Snow was first in the series and it was quite good, but this 2014 sequel is amazing. The premise is that Nazi zombies have come back to reclaim what if theirs, but who will stop them? How about another horde of flesh eaters from the other side of the war. This movie is bloody and campy and cheesy and you need to watch it. Aubrey Plaza is perfectly cast as the lead, and her natural darkness shines through wonderfully.

    Hatchet [2006]
    small_Hatchet [2006]

    This film falls into what seems like the same universe as The Cottage, only it is American and based in New Orleans. The funny bits are a bit more crass, but the approach is very similar. The story line follows a group of tourists as they take a guided tour through the swamps only to be stranded and slowly killed off by the maniac that leaves out there. If you only watch it for the kill scenes, you will be a happy camper.

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