Top 10 Sci-Fi Thrillers From The Last Ten Years - concert addicts
Top 10 Sci-Fi Thrillers From The Last Ten Years - concert addicts

Top 10 Sci-Fi Thrillers From The Last Ten Years

Well, some time has passed since we last served you up with a list of movies to check out.

This time we return with a list that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The science fiction genre does very well when it is mixed with a thrilling adventure or a gripping psychological mind-melt.

So we sat down and came up with a list of the top ten best sci-fi thrillers of the last ten years.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_District 9 [2009] cover poster10. District 9 [2009]

Writer/Director Neill Blomkamp brings a unique tale about an alternate reality where an alien race has come to earth to seek salvation. After a couple decades of being confined by the government to an area called “District 9”, and periods of conflict between the aliens and humans, everything boils over. The story is compelling and captivating, and the inter-splicing of found footage videos adds a sort of rawness to everything.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_Looper [2012] cover poster9. Looper [2012]

In 2044 technology has made it almost impossible to get rid of murdered bodies without being caught. The crime syndicates use time travel to go back in time and dispose of victims. They use “loopers” to kill and dispose of the doomed targets in the past. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the 25 year old Joe, a looper whose future self, played by Bruce Willis, has come back as a target. A great watch, absolutely thrilling.

PREDESTINATION_27X40_R3MECH.indd8. Predestination [2014]

Ethan Hawke plays a time travelling agent that has gone back in time to 1975 to disarm a bomb. The movie builds in these intricate layers as timelines start to overlap one another, and you soon don’t know what or who to believe anymore. You may want to watch this one with a clear mind, in the middle of the day, as you may burn through some brain cells just trying to figure everything out.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_Moon (2009) cover poster7. Moon [2009]

Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, an astronaut miner working to extract a gas on the moon that is promised to reverse an energy crisis back on Earth. Nearing the end of his work contract, Mr. Bell starts to see and hear things that may or may not be there. All he wants to do is to return home to his wife and daughter, but he soon starts to uncover some terrible truths that leave him unsure about anything. This film is wonderfully shot, and the story and acting takes you on a psychological joy ride. Grab the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_Timecrimes [2007] cover poster6. Timecrimes [2007]

A Spanish film about a man named Hector living in the countryside with his wife. He ventures into the forrest after seeing a topless woman, only to be stabbed by a mysterious man in a pink bandage over his head. Hector soon finds himself in a complex game of chess, when he unwittingly travels through time. The movie is a fun brain tease, that is quite minimalist but very well executed. Some say this is one of the best time travel movies to date, you will have to watch it to find out.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_Edge Of Tomorrow [2014] cover poster5. Edge Of Tomorrow [2014]

This is a fast-paced, high-energy film from beginning to end. Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage, a media wrangler with no battle experience that has been tossed in head-first to fight in a war against an extraterrestrial race called the Mimics. Cage soon finds that when he dies, he wakes up, starting the same day over and over again. A great movie that definitely needs to be watched.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_ex machine 2015 poster cover4. Ex Machina [2015]

This film is very beautiful and refined. Everything from the cinematography, to the acting, to the story line is understated, but still manages to build with such intensity. A little about the plot; Caleb Smith, a computer programmer, has won a one-week visit to the majestic home of Nathan Bateman, the CEO of his company. Mr. Bateman unveils that he has built a humanoid robot named Ava with true artificial intelligence, and that Mr. Smith has been brought into judge weather or not this entity can relate as human.The culmination of the movie leaves you feeling uneasy.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_Children of Men 20063. Children Of Men [2006]

Humans in a futuristic society have lost the ability to reproduce. England devolved into complete pandemonium, until a warden is brought in to control the masses under martial law. The ability to keep that control is threatened when they find out a woman might be pregnant with, what could be, the first child to be born in nearly three decades. This film is gritty and captivating. The acting is superb, and the story is wrought with emotion. A definite must see.

Concert Addicts Movie_Concert Addicts Movie_Sunshine [2007] cover poster2. Sunshine [2007]

In the future the Earth’s sun is dying, which means the end of the human race. The top scientists have created a device that could revive the fading star, and save everything. So a small crew of people venture into space to deploy this savior of science, but everything quick slip into chaos. Director Danny Boyle hits the nail on the head with this one, a pure adrenaline rush of tense thrilling action.

1. Inception [2010]

Christopher Nolan serves up a mind-blowing joy ride that is both visually stunning and intriguingly complex.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Dominick, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arthur, are “extractors”; a team of corporate spies that use a new technology to infiltrate the subconscious of their targets to retrieve information, or plant thoughts. The whole film is a fast-paced shell game that will draw you in, and leave you guessing what will happen next.

Well, we hope this list has helped you uncover some great sci-fi thrillers.

If you are looking for similar films to check out, take a peek at these titles below. The list contains work that is from further back then 10 years, but these are some fantastic films.

Other must see Sci-Fi Thrillers

Have you seen all these movies? Do you have other favourites you would like to share with us? We would love to know what you think, comment below or join us on one of our social channels:


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