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Top 10 Under-Appreciated Comedies

We are back once again to talk about the cinema.

This time we want to talk about funny movies, in particular those side-splitting feature presentations that seem to have evaded most people’s movie-watching radars.

There are dozens of films that fit this bill, but the ten we selected below were chosen for being equal parts funny and elusive to the majority.

Grandma’s Boy [2006]

This crass comedy stars Allen Covert and Peter Dante, you may recognize them from their numerous appearances as tertiary characters in most Adam Sandler movies. In fact the production company behind this very film was Sandler’s own Happy Madison Productions. The story follows Alex, played by Covert, a middle-age, pot-smoking, game tester that is down on his luck and forced to move in with his grandmother and her roommates. The movie is a barrage of ad-libbed jokes, hefty one-liners, and shockingly hilarious moments. It’s a fantastically funny movie that everyone needs to see.

Dirty Work [1998]
dirty work 1998 movie poster

In early 1997 things seemed on the up and up for Norm MacDonald as he dominated as the host of the popular Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live. Suddenly, as the year was ending, he found himself relieved of his duties from the show under a cloud of controversy. Then in the Summer of 1998, Dirty Work was released onto the world. The film showcased MacDonald’s dry, sharp sense of humor, and was lined with a number of special appearances ; such as Adam Sandler, Don Rickles, Chevy Chase, Chris Farley, Christopher McDonald, Jack Warden, and David Koechner. Despite how truly funny this film is, it never received the wide-spread popularity that it deserves.

Kingpin [1996]
kingpin 1996 movie poster

This was the first film to be directed by the Farrelly Brothers after the hugely successful of Dumb and Dumber. In this film, a promising young bowler is taken advantage of by a bowling-world heavyweight, and left to fend for himself; resulting in the loss of his hand. Years later the washed-up former rising star finds his own prodigy and tries to ride his coat tails all the way to the top. The unique ability that the Farrelly Brothers possess to tell a story that is equally funny and dark is unrivaled. This film is a treasure trove of awkward moments and despicable characters. It is shocking the number of people that have never even heard of this film.

Role Models [2008]
role modes 2008 movie poster

During the early aughts it seemed like Seann William Scott, aka Stiffler from American Pie, was just about every where. In that same window the never-aging Paul Rudd was making a name for himself co-starring in blockbusters like Anchorman and The 40-Year Old Virgin. Someone had the amazing idea of putting these two in a film together, and the end result is a hilarious story with the outline of a moral message underneath. Scott and Rudd play a pair of energy drink reps that enroll in the Big Brother program as a way of staving off jail time for a recent rage-induced traffic accident. The comedy in this film comes from every angle, not only from the stars but also the comedy chops of the supporting cast; Jane Lynch, Ken Jeong, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, Matt Walsh, Kerri Kenney, A.D. Miles, Louis C.K. and more. It’s hard to sit down and watch this without busting a gut.

Baseketball [1998]
basektball 1998 movie poster

When the boundary-pushing television show Southpark had finished earning it’s stripes, it’s creators were suddenly granted carte blanche to make movies. Their first feature-length product was released in 1997’s Orgazmo, which is hilarious as well but not nearly as polished as 1998’s Baseketball. Baseketball follows two best friends that help start a new national sport called BASEketball, a game which borrows from both baseball and basketball, when they realize most current sports are filled with greedy millionaires. It isn’t long before they find themselves becoming the very thing they despise, as the popularity of the sport surges through the world. This film is quirky and weird and off-the-wall. From the over-the-top fantasy humor to some of the best dick-and-fart jokes on the silver screen, you won’t be disappointed.

Fun With Dick And Jane [2005]
Fun-With-Dick-And-Jane 2005 movie poster

Since Jim Carrey’s break out success in 1994’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, he has starred in at least a couple of productions per year. Except between 2005 and 2007, a span that saw him in only two releases. One of those films was 2005’s Fun With Dick And Jane; a hilarious movie that follows Dick Harper (Carrey) as he loses it all while the company he has worked hard for, for years, crumbles around him when the CEO Jack McCallister, played by Alex Baldwin, uses loopholes to strip the company of everything and run. With a screenplay team that included the mighty Judd Apatow, this story does a great job of finding funny in pain as you watch a man lose his mind as he loses his world.

Hot Rod [2007]
hot rod 2007 movie poster

When this movie hit the theaters in 2007 it was easy to just brush it off as another-Saturday-Night-Live-cast-member flick, but it was much more than that. The picture is follows a young stuntman-wannabe that is gearing up for the jump of his life. The cult appeal is strong with this one. With its strange characters and its many throwback-to-the-80s moments, but underneath there is a moral beacon and a sense of something very personal as the lead character tries to earn the respect of his step-father and the love of the girl next door. If you want to see a grown man punch dancing in a forest while the song Never by Moving Pictures blasts in the background, then this is a must see.

Eurotrip [2004]
eurotrip 2004 movie poster

A group of friends go on an overseas adventure; one last hurrah before they have to buckle down and join the rat race. Every turn in their adventure is filled with fish-out-of-water experiences. From nude beaches to drinking Absinthe to many brothels/sex clubs, there is no shortage of comedy in this film. A number of lesser-known actors star in this movie, and this may be why it didn’t become as popular as it should have. Don’t let this one pass you by.

Tomcats [2001]
tomcats 2001 movie poster

A group of friends make a bet that which ever one of them can remain a bachelor the longest, will win a ton of money. After 7 years, it has come down to two good friends; Michael (Jerry O’Connell) and Kyle (Jake Busey). Michael has racked up a big debt at a Vegas casino, and he must try to find a way to trick his friend into getting married before the casino takes more than just his possessions. This release is funny from head to tail, and yet it seems to slip past most people, which is just a shame.

Death Becomes Her [1992]
Death Becomes Her 1992 movie poster

How do people not know about this movie? Come on, Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, and Goldie Hawn in a black comedy/fantasy about a a newly found procedure for eternal life and youth, that is pure magic. With Director Robert Zemeckis at the helm the end result is a classic comedy that must be seen. Watch as two frenemies battle it out for supremacy in a war of popularity that is fueled by ego and supreme selfishness.

We hope that list helps you find some funny movies you may not have heard of, or have passed over at some point.

If you are looking for more check out this list of runner ups that didn’t make the top 10.

Runners up

Have you seen all these under-appreciated comedies? Do you have other favourites you would like to share with us? We would love to know what you think, comment below or join us on one of our social channels:


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