Album Review: Build A Rocket Boys! by Elbow

Have you ever heard of Elbow? Regardless if your answer is yes or no, you need to take their new album, Build A Rocket Boys, and listen to it. No really, I am dead serious. I can wait. Go get the album and listen to it right now. Wasn’t that amazing, it is such a bad ass album.

For those of you who read through without listening to this stellar compilation, I will give you a quick description. This indie group has a Spoon meets Cake kind of sound, but with a vulnerable, understated edge that will get under your skin and get you hooked. Songs like High Ideals, on this new album, have a catchy snap rhythm accompanied by tender piano and unforgettably gentle vocals.

This entire album has a class and grace that seems to carry itself effortlessly.Guy Garvey, the vocalist, has this playful rasp in his voice, and a poetic verse in his soul. They classify this band as British alternative rock. Which means no one really knows where to stick them. But I say they are indie, tried and true. Especially in this new album which screams simplicity. The only complexity of the whole thing is the emotional output, which seems personal and ripe with pain.

Another great aspect of this tasty morsel is the inclusion of some digital effects. At times the album takes this orchestral turn and, when combined with the digital additions, makes for a near Arcade Fire like sound. Elbow is an amazing band, and they should be sought out and enjoyed at your earliest convenience. Wait not convenience, at your next available moment. This is their fifth studio album, and they deserve your attention. Don’t let the British be the sole enjoyers of this great band. Trust me they are worth your effort.

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Track List
The Birds
Lippy Kids
With Love
Neat Little Rows
Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
The Night Will Always Win
High Ideals
The River
Open Arms
The Birds (reprise)
Dear Friends

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