Album Review: Wasting Light by Foo Fighters

We find ourselves on a new music Tuesday with some delectable goodies to partake in. First to the table is Wasting Light by Foo Fighters. This album is understated, powerful, lo-fi, and oozes of that Foo aggression. Of all the bands seven studio albums, this one is my favorite. Many out there can argue the early stuff is amazing, but this new compilation is introspective and the production is tight. During the process the band didn’t use any digital techniques, this is analog recording at its best; grit, grunge, and pure unedited rock music (or alt-rock if you prefer).

Even from the intro to the first song (Bridge Burning) you are hit with this hiss and crackle of live tape, which is topped with a thick steady rhythm. Within mere second you are slapped in the face by that patented Grohl scream. There is a generous helping of very non-Foo styled guitar riffs in this album. With these unique additions, it definitely made for non-Foo music For some reason, I found myself to be thankful for that. This compendium shows an attempt to re-find the music, back to basics, a complete reinventions. Of course you cannot just throw out the fact that this is the Foo Fighters, and as such each song still has somewhat of a recognizable sound.

One of my favorite songs on this release was White Limo. The vocals in this track are in your face. Taking that scream Dave has and jacking it up to the next level. While the guitar, bass and drums all seem to tie nicely into this Appetite For Destruction, metal feel. This song is fast, hard and leaves you wanting more.

Dave Grohl was joined by the usual suspects on this album. The biggest difference was the inclusion of Krist Novoselic, whom, along with Pat Smear, would mean this album has a surviving-members-of-Nirvana thing going on. I mean Krist only added bass and accordion to a single track (I Should Have Known), but still getting these guys together is a feet on its own. This album is a great gathering of songs, the Foo Fighters have come back with a killer release.

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Track List:
Bridge Burning
Dear Rosemary
White Limo
These Days
Back & Forth
A Matter of Time
Miss the Misery
I Should Have Known

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