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I just took some time and listened to Band Of Skulls upcoming album Sweet Sour. If you loved Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, then you will be in love with this new compilation. The entire volume is an ode to awesome, the band has set the bar high.

I broke down each song, in order to give a little insight.

Sweet Sour is a strong opening song. It starts with this finger-rocking riff, balancing on this rippling drum beat. The rest of the song plays out into this swinging blues rock compilation that will leave you bruised and grinning.

This then segways into Bruises, which feels like it draws some inspirations from Radiohead. It is soft, and indie to start but then crushes into a powerful finish that definitely demands your attention by slamming you against the wall.

Waderluster is a rhythmic assault with tasty guitar work. You will find yourself putting this one on repeat. The lyrics are strong and the hooks sink in deep. I can’t wait to hear this song live, it will blow people away.

The Devil Takes Care Of His Own has been looping on the radio for a few weeks now. It is a really great song, but not the best song off of the album. I can see why they chose it for radio play though. It has a certain pop-polish to its finish that really makes it widely palatable.

Lay My Head Down is a bit of a ballad. It is a sentimental song with soft emotional guitar work and dreary droaning vocals. I feel like The Carpenters meet Zeppelin in a way. Great song, fits nicely into the mix.

You’re Not Pretty But You Got It Goin’ On is fast and furious. Right off the bat it feels like an ode to Shool’s Out by Alice Cooper. The swingy blues rock and crunchy loop really attack you and shakes you violently. Then it goes into this great vocal set and the song kicks into over drive. It is truly full of piss and vinegar

Navigate is a soft folky opening, this is a really beautiful song. The lyrics are poetic and deep, and the vocals are haunting.

Hometowns keeps in the same tone as the last one. The song is softer and more delicate than the first part of the album. Queue in the folk feel, sensitive lyrics and that Simon & Garfunkel ambiance and you have yourself something to wisk you away when you feel blue.

Lies comes at you like a ton of bricks. It has a sexy attitude that slaps you in the face. Band Of Skulls has continuously blown me away on this album. This song is hard and heavy, and should be listened to with the volume cranked to a ten.

Close To Nowhere is the closing song on the album. I think the word epic came to mind the most while listening to it. To start off you are greated with this Velvet Underground slow step. Then as the song progresses it almost swells into something Perry Farrel would sink his claws into; gentle pulsing guitar work and vocals that tantalize you. Then just fade to black. All I have to say is wow! Best song on the album in my opinion.

So there you have it. Band Of Skulls has put together something worth listening to. An album that, once released, will be put on my iPod and listened to over and over. This has gotten me even more pumped to see them at the Commodore Ballroom on April 10th 2012. The show is sold out, but you should still keep it on your radar, just in case they drop a few extras – more information here.

Sweet Sour Tracklist:
01. Sweet Sour
02. Bruises
03. Wanderluster
04. Devil Takes Care Of His Own
05. Lay My Head Down
06. You Aren’t Pretty But You Got It Going On
07. Navigate0
08. Hometowns
09. Lies
10. Close To Nowhere

Check out the video for Bruises off the new album:

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