Complete Album List for July 24

Artist NameAlbum Name
Blood Red ShoesIn Time To Voices
Cooly GPlayin Me
Eternal SummersCorrect Behavior
Fang IslandMajor
Forever Came CallingContender
Laetitia SadierSilencio
Lawrence ArabiaThe Sparrow
Love And TheftLove And Theft
Micachu & the ShapesNever
Mike Patton and Luciano BerioLaborintus II
OmAdvaitic Songs
Passion PitGossamer
Purity RingShrines
Saint SaviourUniion
Slug GutsPlayin’ in Time With the Deadbeat
The AntlersUndersea
The Gaslight AnthemHandwritten
Three Mile PilotMaps
Todd BarrySuper Crazy

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