The Kills Drop Video; Future Starts Slow

Recently, the duo known as The Kills released an official video for the track Future Starts Slow. The group has been getting increased attention ever since Alison Mosshart (lead singer) joined forces with Jack White in the Dead Weather. But this lady and her right hand man (guitarist James Hince) are not simply riding a undeserved wave of 15-minutes-of-fame. They are truly getting the recognition they deserve. With the release Blood Pressures a few months back, and their powerful performance at Coachella, this band is on the mind of everyone.
I had the pleasure of seeing this dark twosome open for The Raconteurs a few years back and Alison blew my mind. She is sexy and sweet, and draws every set of eyes to her every move. James Hince loses himself in every note, in every beat. The two together bring this chemistry to the stage that will leave you in awe. If you are at all interested in checking them out, they will be in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom on Vancouver 5th, and luckily there are still some tickets available. So run out and grab a set, before it is to late. I might point out that I did develop a little crush on Ms. Mosshart over the multiple times I have seen her perform. She is a sexy hell fire from which you do not want to escape.

Without further ado here is the new video, it is modest, yet strangely intriguing.

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