Envision Festival’s 7th edition returns to Uvita, Costa Rica for 2017

Envision Festival is set to move into its seventh year of hosting a one-of-a-kind event in the idyllic region of Uvita, Costa Rica. Envision consistently outputs a unique lineup that is meticulously curated all the way down to it’s trippy little core. While Envision’s current and previous lineups speak volumes about the quality of music at the event, Envision is so much more than just music. Indeed, the Envision experience is meant to be a holistic one, incorporating aspects of art, workshops, family, yoga, alternative medicine and fire into their incredible jungle of sounds.

Headliners like Opiuo and Pantyraid will surely be banging dance parties, which will beautifully contrast some of the other, more chilled out, acts like Ott., Papadosio, and Rising Appalachia. Moreover, another genre twist gets thrown into the mix of their headliner list with Autograf and Goldfish bringing the Tropical house vibes, a perfect addition to such a mystic festival setting. Although there are vastly more incredibly talented acts on the Envision lineup, I will spare you my 2000 word vomit of excitement, but not first without an honourable mention to the eastern influenced psychedelic techno duo: Blond:ish. I can’t make any promises, but the Canadian girls are known for their tranquil beach sets and, considering the gorgeous Envision beach, I would imagine the organizers have something fantastic lined up for them.

Probably the most important of all these factors is that for a Costa Rican festival with incredible music and arts Envision is pleasantly affordable. Specifically, GA festival tickets on their current tier (2/3) are $324 for a four-day pass, and flights from Vancouver to Costa Rica are sitting at $420 roundtrip which is the cheapest rate across Canada and not such a bad price for a tropical getaway. If you do decide to join me at Envision please be sure to come say hi, you’ll be able to find me on the beach, in the jungle or jaw dropped in front of the subwoofers, vive le experiencia!

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