paradiso festival 2016 logo poster
paradiso festival 2016 logo poster

5 Must See Acts At Paradiso Festival 2016

Headbangers and shufflers rejoice! The gorge is gearing up to melt your face off! Here are a few artists that, in our humble opinion, are not to be missed!

  1. Bassnectar

    Bassnectar is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to mainstream festival headliners. In contrast to 99% of the DJ’s that appear on the main stage, Bassnectar has an unflagging dedication to bass music. He is able to maintain such a prolific fan base through a constant output of new music and novel, reality shattering visuals to go along with it. Considering the release of his new album a week before Paradiso, fans will likely be treated to the chief presentation of his newest material. This Gorgenectar throwdown is NOT one to be missed!

    Check out Nectars glorious new album preview here:

    Take a little peak of his visual show here (watch in HD):

  2. Caspa B2B Rusko

    Two bass legends collide to create what will likely be one of the tastiest bass slappin’ performances of the weekend. Although both DJ’s have spent years cultivating their sound independently, they have more than enough experience working together (Refer to FabricLive.37 from 2007 for your O.G. Caspa and Rusko needs). If you want a feel for the roots of Dubstep this is the place to be: these boys’ sounds have adapted with the time but, without doubt, maintain the original Dubstep soul.

    Check out the supergroup’s recent live set here:

  3. New World Punx

    Paradiso is blessed with multiple electronic supergroups this year, New World Punx being the Trance parallel to Caspa B2B Rusko. Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten diverge from their typically uplifting trance sounds in order to slam shufflers with an onslaught of well curated bangers. Where countless DJ’s have failed, New World Punx seem to thrive. Maintaining authenticity while still appealing to the larger audience is no easy task, but it is one that New World Punx have clearly mastered.

    Check out one of New World Punx first shows here:

  4. Rezz

    While still relatively fresh to the scene, Rezz is quickly making her name known by putting her own spin on Mau5trap’s (Deadmau5’s record label) trademark sound. Her dark synths are complemented perfectly by her serene vocals, producing a truly unique sound that will surprise house and bass lovers alike.

    Check out one of Rezz’s tracks from her newest EP:

  5. MK (Marc Kinchen)

    With all this talk of Bass and Trance legends I would be remiss if I did not point out that Paradiso Festival will also mean the return of MK to the north west. Marc Kinchen has been making house music for near 25 years now, pausing only to produce music for Will Smith and Disney. There is a 99% chance that you will play the air piano during his set, but if you are confident in your air band skills then I say go for it!

    Check out a classic MK remix that will have you humming for days to come:

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