5 Must See Acts at Shambhala Music Festival 2017

Words By Chris Goodchild.
 Nestled in the breathtaking and peaceful Kootenay mountains, the legendary Shambhala Music Festival will be returning this August 10th – 13th, with a force as strong as the Salmo River that flows through the idyllic festival grounds.

The twentieth anniversary promises a swathe of prestigious talent across all genres and styles, guaranteeing something for every member of your family to enjoy. Although there are dozens of phenomenal artists performing who are not on this list, here are 5 artists you should not miss out on:

Delta Heavy – Dynamic drum and bass duo Delta Heavy promise to shake the Village Stage to its core early Monday morning. Composed of Brits Simon James and Ben Hall, the pair share their skills as musician (James) and DJ/sound engineer (Hall) to conceive aggressive yet truly harmonious tracks such as ‘Ghost’, ‘White Flag’ and ’Space Time’, interwoven in stellar DJ mixes. Its easy to see and hear their musical appeal, and will truly be a force to be reckoned with once heard upon the largest stack of PK bass speakers you’ve ever seen in your life!

Justin Martin – Dirtybird co-founder and native of San Francisco Justin Martin is no stranger to the weird and the wonderful. His unique brand of house, melodic yet tenacious, has captured the attention of audiences and dance floors worldwide, causing many a booty-shaking and head bobbing to ensue. Coupled with his notable DJ mixes and a constant grin upon his face, Justin manages to retain the essence of having a damn good time 24/7 all the while achieving lofty success as a producer and globetrotting DJ. His return to the brand new Pagoda is going to be a show to remember – do not miss it!

Opiuo – There are few artists that are as instantly recognizable as the glitchy, funkadelic fuelled, bouncy bass heavy music that encompasses Opiuo. The New Zealand born, Melbourne based producer delivers massive dance floor foot stompers such as ‘Flanjitsu’, ‘Clumpy Cider’ and ‘Sneakers’, while maintaining the most important elements of groove and melody throughout his compositions, as well as a wacky amount of tongue-in-cheek humour. Be sure to make it to Fractal Forest at 11pm on the Friday to get your fill of his unique brand of glitchy goodness, and dance till sweat drips from your pores!

The Orb – Shambhala, like its original namesake, is a place reserved for legends and myths of unparalleled status. For the 20th anniversary, who better to bring to play at the festival than the unchallenged inventors of ambient house, British pioneers The Orb. Popularizing the genre by appearing on the famed Top of the Pops, and getting to number 1 on the charts with their 1992 release ‘U.F.Orb’, their otherworldly blend of soulful rhythms, well placed samples and sound effects are bound to capture the hearts and ears of the Living Room Stage attendees at 8pm on the Sunday. ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ might not have the earthshaking bass beloved of some of Shambhalas DJs, yet its staying power over time speaks for itself – truly one of the great tracks of the electronic era.

Chris Lorenzo – Birmingham based producer, remixer and DJ Chris Lorenzo is a sound design maestro, who cut his teeth as a ghost producer for some of the most banging basslines to materialize out of the English midlands, as well as producing for one of the bassline house ringleaders, Hannah Wants. Preferring the label ‘House and Bass’ for his own music, Lorenzo left the confines of Europe to carry his unique brand overseas to the Americas, where he has undeniably since become a leader in the bass movement in the US. Lorenzo returns to the Pagoda Friday evening at 8:30pm, and promises to rattle your bones with his heavy blend of beats and dark, moody low frequency sounds.

See you all on the farm!

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