Shambhala Preparation Playlist

Shambhala Music Festival 2019 @ Salmo River Ranch

Words by: Jared Barney

What should you be listening to as you prepare for Shambhala and the road trip to get there?

If you’re anything like me, the weeks leading up to Shambhala are filled with music by artists that are either playing the festival, have played it before, or that simply embody the essence of Shambhala. After the weeks of preshow stoke, there is the drive to Salmo BC, which for many is not a short day and is the perfect time to blast some tunes. I thought I’d share some mixes and albums that I’ll be playing in order to get the blood pumping and make that time go just a little faster.

Goldfish: Late night people

Goldfish in the Fractal Forest is going to be the definition of a good time. They make some of the most fun music I’ve had the pleasure to listen to, and this mix captures that sound perfectly. The mix can be found on the official Soundcloud page.

Bonobo: MIXED BY Bonobo – THUMP

My personal favourite on this year’s lineup, Simon Green, AKA Bonobo, was born to play the Grove, and did already in 2015. Found on the official Soundcloud page under reposts, the depth of this mix will get anyone ready for the 2019 Grove DJ set.

FKJ: Bolivian Salt Flats – Cercle

Put on by Cercle, FKJ comes to us from the middle of the Bolivian Salt Flats in this video. Visually stunning and musically encompassing, this is the perfect thing to throw up on the TV or laptop while packing. All Cercle videos can be found on YouTube.

Ganja White Night: Mr. Wobble Promo Mixtape

Two years ago, this Belgian duo absolutely rocked the Village. They’re back this year, and the Promo mixtape is sure to make your whole body wobble. Found on the official Soundcloud page.

The Librarian: Live at Bass Coast 2018 – Closing Sunrise set

A local favourite, Andrea Graham AKA The Librarian is a co-founder of the amazing Bass Coast Music Festival. She’s an artist not to be missed and the set that she played to close down Bass Coast last year will prove why. Can be found on The Librarian’s or Bass Coast’s Soundcloud page.

No Mana: Homework Mix

A last minute replacement for Paul Oakenfold, No Mana is going to light up the Pagoda. Ever since signing on to Mau5trap, this artist has been pumping out electro house bangers that really do get the blood pumping. Can be found on the official No Mana Soundcloud page.

Poolside: Contact High Mixtape

Poolside is the perfect artist to open up the Living Room stage on the Thursday. After the long journey onto the farm, relax for a couple hours for some daytime disco house. If you need to calm some of those preshow butterflies, throw on this mixtape found on the official Poolside Soundcloud page.

(All photo credit: Joey Rootman Photography)

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