Warm up for Envision Festival with our Hand Picked Spotify Playlist

Words: Cam Colleypriest and Joey Rootman. Playlist: Cam Colleypriest

Very soon the singing and strumming of the angelic Rising Appalachia will be sweeping us off our feet. Not long after our sandals will be knocked off by Opiuo’s crispy, yet bubbly glitch-funk. The house heads will be rejoicing in the worldly sounds of Blond:ish, Goldfish, and Oceanvs Orientalis. From psychedelic wubs to tropical hugs the Southern Pacific shoreline is going to be bursting with passion. Indeed, Envision Festival 2017 is going to be a jungle bonanza that won’t soon be forgotten. To honour occasion Concert Addicts is proud to present a warm-up playlist to get you on your toes.


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