Groupon and Live Nation Forming Online-Ticket Deal Site

Alright, I know this isn’t fun music news, but this is a big deal. It looks like Groupon and Live Nation will be forming a ticket selling site, that will offer up some deals. After a drop in ticket sales over the past few years, this will be a great addition. Allowing Live Nation to sell tickets to under sold shows at a reduced price. Offering this with Groupon will assure that a large audience, already eyeing deals, will be in the know.

I thought this was a great little article (Groupon Live Nation Form Online-Ticket Deal Site). Finding this really peaked my interest and had me scouring the internet for more information. As it turns out there isn’t much to tell, just the basics. Groupon and Live Nation have put their powers together to offer up tickets at a reduced price. Many of the rumor mills are a flutter with the possibility of this site also offering up a manner of reselling tickets. But time will tell.

The one major thing I hope this new merge allows, is the ability for people to attend concerts last minute. If people can go see a concert at a huge discount, they may just pop in to check em out, regardless if they are “fans” or not. This would drive more people to more concerts, which to me is a beautiful thing.

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