Album Review: The Taking by Duff McKagan’s Loaded

Many music icons emerged from the ashes of the former metal legends Guns ‘N Roses, but only one has carried with them the original sound and attitude. Duff McKagan’s Loaded released a new album today called The Taking. It is without a doubt a continuation of the tried and true GNR sound. With Axl releasing Chinese Democracy a few years ago, it was clear that he was not the musical backbone of the group. Slash is an amazing guitarist, and in fact one of my idols but does he is not the main catalyst for the Appetite For Destruction style. This was all Duff, as usual it is the overly talented bassist that was the champion, and mastermind.

This new album, The Taking, is a tribute to dirty punk inspired metal rock everywhere. It is a testament to that laid back, party lifestyle. The guitar work is raunchy and rough. The drums and bass are united in a rhythmic melody that will get you moving. While the vocals are full of disregard and raw attitude. This is where you would want to see a new Guns ‘N Roses album come from. But the great thing is, this is not a continuation of the old Roses, this is a whole new entity. And really it shows how much Duff’s punk influence, influences his musical composition.

One of the best songs on this album was Dead Skin. It has this epic opening that has you hyped from the get-go. Then jumps in Mike Squires, with these sharp vocals, while this speeding guitar riffs tares up the backdrop. It all makes for a great song, dirty, rough, aggressive and most of all pulled together with a certain ease. Loaded has released another solid album that earns your undivided attention.

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Track Listing:
Lords Of Abaddon
Executioner’s Song
Dead Skin
We Win
Easier Lying
She’s An Anchor
Wrecking Ball
King Of The World
Your Name
Follow Me To Hell

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