black pistol fire album 2021 look alive

Black Pistol Fire Release Sixth Studio Album; “Look Alive”

Canadian-born, Austin-based rock duo Black Pistol Fire are back with their sixth full-length studio album ‘Look Alive’ out today via Black Hill Records.

The eleven-track compilation is a mélange of bombastic drum lines, contagious rhythms, and lively vocals resolving in a guttural blues rock experience that makes you want to slam a beer, jump in a mosh pit, and get good and sweaty.

The album carries a punk rock Black-Keys-esque feel bookended by this haunting Arctic-Monkeys-like composition with rhythmic punch and confident, clean showman vocals.

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“Look Alive” Tracklist

  1. Look Alive
  2. Pick Your Poison
  3. Holdin Up
  4. Never Enough
  5. Wildfire
  6. Hope in Hell
  7. Black Halo
  8. Temper Temper
  9. Level
  10. Always On My Mind
  11. Beyond the Blue
black pistol fire album 2021 look alive

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