Cage the Elephant Releases Turbulent and Transformative New Album "Neon Pill" 2024

Cage the Elephant Releases Turbulent and Transformative New Album “Neon Pill”

Cage the Elephant has emerged from a tumultuous period with their latest album, “Neon Pill,” a 12-track offering that encapsulates the band’s journey through personal struggles, loss, and recovery. Released on Friday, “Neon Pill” marks the band’s first album since 2019’s Grammy-winning “Social Cues.” Lead singer Matt Shultz, speaking from Nashville, reflected on the challenging path that led to the album’s completion, citing personal crises, the pandemic, and deeply emotional experiences as pivotal influences.

The creation of “Neon Pill” was marred by significant events, including Shultz’s medical crisis and subsequent arrest in January 2023 for possession of firearms. Following the incident, Shultz discovered that a prescribed medication had been causing episodes of psychosis for several years. The journey to recovery involved two months of hospitalization and six months of outpatient therapy, during which Shultz had to revisit and reinterpret lyrics penned under the medication’s influence. This introspective process of untangling the music ultimately shaped the album’s unique narrative and emotional depth.

Reuniting with producer John Hill, who had a substantial impact on “Social Cues,” the band delved deep into their creative reservoirs to produce a diverse and cohesive body of work. “Neon Pill” blends a variety of rock styles, from the glam rock flair of “Ball and Chain” to the tender piano ballad “Out Loud,” and the ethereal alt-rock of “Float Into the Sky.” The infectiously poppy track “Rainbow” stands out, showcasing the band’s ability to explore different musical landscapes while maintaining their distinctive sound. The title track, “Neon Pill,” directly addresses Shultz’s experiences, symbolizing the band’s resilience and evolution.

Two songs on the album, “Out Loud” and “Over Your Shoulder,” are deeply personal, connecting to the Shultz brothers’ relationship with their father. “Out Loud” recounts a family story of reconciliation and forgiveness, while “Over Your Shoulder” mourns their father’s death in 2020. These tracks, alongside the rest of the album, reflect a departure from the band’s previous approach of emulating influences, instead embracing a more authentic and self-reflective sound.

Cage the Elephant, composed of Matt Shultz, his guitarist brother Brad Shultz, bassist Daniel Tichenor, drummer Jared Champion, guitarist Nick Bockrath, and keyboardist Matthan Minster, has demonstrated significant growth with “Neon Pill.” The album not only represents their artistic evolution but also stands as a testament to their resilience in the face of adversity. As they continue to push boundaries and explore new musical territories, Cage the Elephant remains a compelling force in the rock music scene.

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