Musician Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on September 8th, 2018

Foo Fighters New Album; “But Here We Are”

Foo Fighters, the legendary American rock band founded by Dave Grohl in 1994, has faced a profound loss with the sudden passing of their beloved drummer, Taylor Hawkins, in 2022. Hawkins, known for his dynamic drumming skills and infectious stage presence, played an integral role in shaping the band’s iconic sound. The news of his untimely departure sent shockwaves through the music community and left Foo Fighters and their fans grieving the loss of a talented musician and cherished friend. Despite the immense sorrow, the band has summoned their collective strength to honor Hawkins’ memory and continue their musical journey, releasing their first album without him titled “But Here We Are.”

“But Here We Are” stands as a poignant tribute to Taylor Hawkins and a testament to the enduring spirit of the Foo Fighters. Led by the unwavering passion and talent of Dave Grohl, the album pays homage to the band’s roots while forging ahead with a renewed sense of purpose. Collaborating with esteemed musicians to fill the void left by Hawkins, Foo Fighters channel their grief into their music, creating an album that embodies both the raw emotions of loss and the indomitable resilience of the human spirit. “But Here We Are” serves as a poignant reminder of the band’s unwavering dedication to their craft and their determination to carry on despite the devastating absence of their dear friend and drummer.

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First Single “Rescued” Available Now.

Following a year of staggering losses, personal introspection and bittersweet remembrances, Foo Fighters return with But Here We Are, out June 2 on Roswell Records/RCA Records.

A brutally honest and emotionally raw response to everything Foo Fighters endured over the last year, But Here We Are is a testament to the healing powers of music, friendship and family. Courageous, damaged and unflinchingly authentic, But Here We Are opens with newly released lead single “Rescued,” the first of 10 songs that run the emotional gamut from rage and sorrow to serenity and acceptance, and myriad points in between.

Produced by Greg Kurstin and Foo Fighters, But Here We Are is in nearly equal measure the 11th Foo Fighters album and the first chapter of the band’s new life. Sonically channelling the naiveté of Foo Fighters’ 1995 debut, informed by decades of maturity and depth, But Here We Are is the sound of brothers finding refuge in the music that brought them together in the first place 28 years ago, a process that was as therapeutic as it was about a continuation of life.

But Here We Are is available for Pre-Order.

With all pre-orders including “Rescued” as an instant grat. The album’s track list is as follows:

Under You
Hearing Voices
But Here We Are
The Glass
Nothing At All
Show Me How
Beyond Me
The Teacher

Listen to “Rescue Me”

Listen to “The Teacher”

Listen to “Show Me How”

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