Future and Metro Boomin Drop Explosive Follow-Up Album "We Still Don't Trust You" 2024

Future and Metro Boomin Drop Explosive Follow-Up Album “We Still Don’t Trust You”

Future and Metro Boomin, the masterminds behind the chart-topping album “We Don’t Trust You,” continue their reign with the surprise release of “We Still Don’t Trust You.” This explosive second album in just three weeks marks a historic moment in Hip Hop, showcasing the unmatched synergy between two legendary figures in the industry. The album arrives amidst a wave of anticipation and excitement, solidifying Future and Metro Boomin’s status as pioneers in the rap scene.

“We Still Don’t Trust You” builds upon the success of its predecessor, boasting a lineup of trusted collaborators and pushing the boundaries of rap music to new heights. The tracklist promises an exhilarating experience for fans, featuring the signature style and innovation that have defined Future and Metro Boomin’s careers.

The impact of “We Don’t Trust You” was undeniable, with its debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 and the groundbreaking success of the single “Like That” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The album’s domination on the charts and streaming platforms is a testament to the duo’s unmatched talent and influence in the industry. With “We Still Don’t Trust You,” Future and Metro Boomin reaffirm their position as leaders in Hip Hop, delivering an album that showcases their dynamic abilities and sets a new standard for rap music.

Check out the album – here.


Disc 1:
1. We Still Don’t Trust You
2. Drink N Dance
3. Out Of My Hands
4. Jealous
5. This Sunday
6. Luv Bad Bitches
7. Amazing (Interlude)
8. All to Myself
9. Nights Like This
10. Came to the Party
11. Right 4 You
12. Mile High Memories
13. Overload
14. Gracious
15. Beat It
16. Always Be My Fault
17. One Big Family
18. Red Leather

Disc 2:
1. #1 (Intro)
2. Nobody Knows My Struggle
3. All My Life
4. Crossed Out
5. Crazy Clientele
6. Show of Hands
7. Streets Made Me A King

Cover art:

Future and Metro Boomin Drop Explosive Follow-Up Album "We Still Don't Trust You" 2024

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