Laura Jane Grace 2020 Album "Stay Alive" cover poster artwork

Laura Jane Grace Unveils Sophomore Solo Album “Stay Alive”

Per the official press release –

Polyvinyl Record Co. and Emmy-nominated artist, acclaimed author, activist and musician Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!, The Devouring Mothers) are excited to announce the release of her brand new solo album titled Stay Alive. Across the 14 songs that comprise Stay Alive, Grace takes all her pent-up fears, anger, and anxiety and releases it, like an olive branch to the weary listeners who are feeling those exact same ways. The songs are documents of a time and a songwriter who experienced enough to find levity in the simple act of doing work. Recorded with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, an occasional drum machine, and her own powerful voice, Grace’s distinct songwriting signature is front and center.


  1. The Swimming Pool Song
  2. The Calendar Song
  3. Shelter in Place
  4. Return to Oz
  5. The Mountain Song
  6. SuperNatural Possession
  7. Hanging Tree
  8. Please Leave
  9. Why Kant I Be You?
  10. Ice Cream Song
  11. The Magic Point
  12. Blood and Thunder
  13. So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Fuck Off
  14. Old Friend (Stay Alive)
Laura Jane Grace 2020 Album "Stay Alive" cover poster artwork

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