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How do I find live streaming concerts during Covid-19?

Seeing live concerts in-person doesn’t seem like it will be a thing for quite awhile.

In the meantime, you can find a plethora of musicians offering up live streaming concerts online, but how do you even find out about these concerts?

Well, there isn’t one singular resource that has all the answers but we have pulled together a few resources to help you plan your couch concerts in the immediate future. has an article that is frequently updated. It isn’t the most robust list but will showcase bigger name and bigger events for you to check out. is still one of the biggest names in concert curation, even when their offerings aren’t in-person. They have a dedicated website just to showcase their Live From Home offerings. is the biggest name in live streaming, from gaming to sports and now concerts. Check them out often as some shows don’t even have announcements, they just show up, ready for your live consumption/.

From my explorations of the internet this right here is the best resource for tracking upcoming live streaming concerts. This is just a simple Google Doc that is constantly updated. I believe the /r/CouchConcerts community on (another great resource) manages this list, but I wasn’t able to clarify this.

Main list –

EDM list –

These lists and pages are just places for you to get started, if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any at-home concerts featuring your favourite artists, go follow them on their social media and sign up for their newsletters. Many musicians are doing last-minute shows and surprise performances through Instagram and Facebook Live.

There are plans for true in-person festivals this summer but they will center around social distancing efforts. The most common style is the drive-in event. This will allow attendees to book a car stall within a grid system facing a stage, where concert goers can enjoy a live experience separate within their own space.

These are strange times we are living through and the consumption of live music doesn’t need to stop, it’s just different for now.

If you have additional resources for streaming music, please list them below for others to see and enjoy.

Happy concerting, my fellow concert addicts.

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