Guns N' Roses Bassist Duff McKagan Shares Mental Health Journey with Dr. Marc Brackett

Guns N’ Roses Bassist Duff McKagan Shares Mental Health Journey with Dr. Marc Brackett

In a new episode of “Dealing With Feelings” for Mental Health Awareness Month, Duff McKagan, renowned musician from Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, joins host Dr. Marc Brackett to discuss his mental health journey. McKagan shares how his childhood chaos and a turbulent family life contributed to his panic attacks and substance abuse. He credits martial arts as a pivotal force in his sobriety and emotional regulation. Both he and Brackett emphasize the importance of managing emotions through techniques learned from their martial arts training.

McKagan reflects on his past, detailing how he used alcohol and drugs to cope with panic attacks. He recounts the emotional turmoil of his childhood, particularly dealing with infidelity and a difficult family environment, which he believes may have contributed to his mental health struggles. Despite these challenges, he found solace and expression through playing bass, which became an emotional outlet for him.

In the conversation, McKagan also talks about his current life as a husband, parent, and artist. He describes the dynamics within a band as similar to those of a family, where understanding and mutual respect are crucial. McKagan underscores that every band member strives for the best outcome in their music, which fosters a supportive and collaborative environment.

This episode of “Dealing With Feelings,” which began airing in February, has featured various notable guests who share their mental health journeys and offer practical emotion regulation strategies. Upcoming guests include Emily Kinney, Rich Hua, Rich Diviney, Cory Zillig, Dr. Jenny Wang, and more. The webcast aims to provide viewers with actionable advice for improving their emotional well-being through personal stories and cutting-edge research.

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