The Impact of Music on Gaming

The Impact of Music on Gaming

Music is everywhere. We take it everywhere, we will hear it multiple times a day, we move to it, we sing to it. Most of the time, in department stores for example, we might not even acknowledge that music is playing, such is the normal role it plays in our everyday lives. However, if we take a step back and look at how much we rely on music to go about our days, we start to appreciate it more. 

Music simply makes things more entertaining, and for online gaming, it is absolutely essential. Soundtracks, backing themes, loading music, these are all part of the overall gaming experience that many people take for granted. Get ready to have your appreciation levels rocked as we take a more in-depth look at the use of music in gaming.

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Wait to the beat

At the beginning of gameplay, music and soundtracks were included as a way of retaining the attention and focus of a player. If we take the FIFA franchise as an example, music has been a key component of this game ever since the first edition was released in 1993. Although the soundtrack for FIFA International Soccer was limited and primitive, Jeff Dyck’s playlist still added another dimension to the non-gameplay activity. 

However, soundtracks in FIFA evolved as increased finances meant more music rights could be acquired. FIFA 2000 had a soundtrack list eight songs long, which increased to 13 by the time the 2002 edition rolled around. The list continued to grow as the franchise grew:

  • FIFA 2004: 28 songs
  • FIFA 2005: 37 songs
  • FIFA 2007: 39 songs
  • FIFA 2008: 48 songs

You probably get the picture now. Music supervisors and producers working for EA Sports were responsible for compiling riveting, engaging songs to captivate players when they were messing around with tactics or watching loading screens. Games like FIFA would simply not be the same without the likes of Billie Eilish, Childish Gambino, Gorillaz, or Skepta. 

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Bring a game to life

Music in the form of recognized chart hits is provided to entertain and occupy a player, as is particularly key in open world games such as Grand Theft Auto, where the usual grind of day-to-day life can have its dips in activity. By including a radio function that pumps out popular songs when driving for example, activities as such become more entertaining. 

However, anthems and jingles composed for specific games are also important in bringing a game to life. We see evidence of this in the increasingly popular online casino industry. Online casino platforms house a variety of games including slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette, all of which can be found at this resource. Slot players are familiar with the iconic sound of rolling reels and the tinny, cartoon-like music that plays when they hit a jackpot, all engineered to evoke emotions from casino goers. Traditionally, each game in a real-life casino would be accompanied by raucous cheering or excitement created by people around a table. Although player noise can be replicated, online casinos have also found it useful to give individual games their own soundtrack, to give it a unique identity and enhance the overall playing experience.

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