Pet Shop Boys – “I Don’t Wanna”

Per the official press release –

Pet Shop Boys’ new single “I don’t wanna” is out today on CD, digital and vinyl via x2/Kobalt; purchase/stream HERE and watch/share the animated lyric video HERE.   

The “I don’t wanna” single packages include remixes by Mano De Tough and David Jackson, along with a bonus song “New boy,” which was originally written in 1984 and only recently finished and recorded.

The single is from the duo’s critically acclaimed LP Hotspot, out now via x2 Records/Kobalt; purchase/stream the album HERE.


1. Will-o-the-wisp
2. You are the one
3. Happy people
4. Dreamland (feat. Years & Years)
5. Hoping for a miracle
6. I don’t wanna
7. Monkey business
8. Only the dark
9. Burning the heather
10. Wedding in Berlin

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