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The Raconteurs Release Two New Songs; “Sunday Driver” + “Now That You’re Gone”

↑ “Sunday Drive

“Sunday Driver” was directed by Steven Sebring – acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, inventor, and vanguard in artistic 3D imaging – and captured at the Sebring Revolution Media Lab in New York City.

Director/Producer: Steven Sebring
Editor: Daniel Olshansky
First Assistant: Ariel Garcia
Camera Technician: David Hunt
Lighting Technician: Nick Jones
Production Assistant: Gregory Vogel

↓ “Now That You’re Gone”

“The video is a very rock and roll approach to the wide range of emotions a person goes through when dealing with a broken heart. Feelings of being weak, angry, vengeful and ultimately the strength to overcome and “crash” through it all. I had such a lovely time collaborating with such wonderful artists and people.” — Gia Genevieve

A Rimmasch Film
Director: Dikayl Rimmasch
Producer: Julian T Pinder
Starring: Gia Genevieve
A Deliberate Films Production

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