Soul Singer Charles Bradley Cancels All Tour Dates Due To Illness

Charles Bradley has announced the cancellation of all upcoming tour dates due to illness.

The beloved soul singer was diagnosed with stomach cancer last fall and, after undergoing treatment and beating it, he returned to the road this past spring. He began to feel run down during recent tour dates and learned that his cancer spread to his liver, though hasn’t returned to his stomach. He will be taking time off to focus on treatment and recovery.

“I love all of you out there that made my dreams come true,” notes the 68-year old. “When I come back, I’ll come back strong, with God’s love. With God’s will, I’ll be back soon.”

Our thoughts and love are with Bradley at this time.

The energetic singer has been an unrivalled force in the last 5 years. His love for music and his dedication to the art of the performance have stirred up emotional connections from his fan base.

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