Black Pumas album announce photo 2 (credit Jody Domingue) 2023

Black Pumas Drop New Track; “Ice Cream (Pay Phone)”

The Black Pumas, known for their distinct and soulful sound, have recently dropped their irresistible new track, “Ice Cream (Pay Phone),” which is already making waves among their devoted fans. This catchy banger, co-produced by the band’s singer-songwriter, Eric Burton, and masterfully produced by guitarist Adrian Quesada, is the fourth release from their eagerly awaited album, “Chronicles of a Diamond,” slated for release on October 27th. Fans are eagerly pre-ordering the album in anticipation of the big day. The origins of “Ice Cream (Pay Phone)” date back several years, but it was in a spontaneous late-night session with bassist/keyboardist Josh Blue that the song found its full potential. The combination of fuzzy, distorted guitar and Burton’s falsetto vocals may seem unconventional, but it exudes a soulful charm that fits the track perfectly. “Ice Cream (Pay Phone)” carries a hypnotic quality, with repetitive motifs intertwining with entrancing rhythms, creating a trance-like euphoria that’s unmistakably Black Pumas.

The excitement around the band’s forthcoming album, “Chronicles of a Diamond,” is palpable, as fans eagerly pre-order the record in anticipation of its release on October 27th. The Black Pumas continue to demonstrate their unique musical prowess, and “Ice Cream (Pay Phone)” is no exception. The track’s accompanying music video, directed by Alan del Rio Ortiz and shot in their hometown of Austin, Texas, adds a visually captivating dimension to the song. It features a selection of local performers personally chosen by Eric Burton, enhancing the song’s allure. With their signature sound and striking visuals, The Black Pumas are bound to leave a lasting impression with “Ice Cream (Pay Phone)” and their upcoming album, “Chronicles of a Diamond.”

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