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Cleopatrick Release New Single“The Drake”+ Lyric Video

Per the official press release –

Today, Canadian heavy alt-rock duo cleopatrick have dropped the brash, groove-heavy, distortion-rich single “THE DRAKE” and its accompanying lyric video. The first new offering from the band this year, the highly energetic track which features cleopatrick’s devastating guitar riffs and gutsy hip-hop inspired vocal delivery is available today via the band’s own Nowhere Special Recordings, distributed by Thirty Tigers. “THE DRAKE” will appear on the band’s forthcoming debut full-length due out in Summer 2021. Purchase and stream “THE DRAKE” HERE.

Known by their dedicated fanbase for finding innovative out-of-the-box ways to connect with their audience, the Cobourg-based two piece spent time crafting an elaborately creative and uniquely ‘cleopatrick way’ to leak their latest single. Set up as a type of scavenger hunt/puzzle, the band who included early clues to the reveal in the latest edition of their fanzine, leaked parts of the track (guitar, drums, vox and bass) individually through a variety of instagram accounts prior to the tracks release, inspiring community engagement and fan created remixes. 

Written about a gig cleopatrick played at the legendary Drake Hotel in Toronto, the aptly titled “THE DRAKE” shines a light on the effects of being bullied and recounts the evening that lead vocalist Luke Gruntz was once again forced to encounter his high school bully. A night which should have been a joyous celebratory evening for the guys instead was crushed by the behaviour of a handful of individuals and even resulted with one of their dear friends getting roughed up. “This song is about assholes from our hometown,” says Gruntz point blank. “It’s about never standing up for yourself and it’s about looking forward to the day you can leave people like them behind.”

Gruntz elaborates, “We were very anxious for this show as it was going to be one of our first performances where we would be in front of a crowd of people that had discovered us through the internet. We felt a lot of pressure, and intended to impress. However, shortly before we went up to play, things ended up taking a very unfortunate turn. As we nervously watched the crowd spill onto the venue floor from outside, a familiar group caught our eye… It was ‘the boys’…The kind of ‘the boys’ that had made us feel embarrassed about our love of music in high school. The kind of ‘the boys’ that we tried to escape through this band.”

Gruntz continues, “And there was one particular guy in the group that really put me out of my head. It was my high school bully. Apparently, him and his friends had heard about our bands moderate success and decided to come to the gig and buddy up now that our music was cool.”

With art direction from drummer Ian Fraser, the lyric video for “THE DRAKE” was made using home video footage of a house show cleopatrick played a few years following The Drake Hotel incident. On the video Gruntz had this to say, “We would have liked to make a full music video for this song, but Covid has made that far too difficult. It’s all good though. The footage is full of some of the best people we know, and it contrasts the origins of the song so poetically. It’s the Drake, but this time without any of ‘the boys’ in sight.”

“THE DRAKE” follows previous singles “GOOD GRIEF” and “hometown”. “GOOD GRIEF”, which has seen notable support from the BBC, has been featured on a number of New Music Friday playlists and has landed on multiple marquee playlists including Spotify’s All New Rock and Amazon’s Rock Hits and Fresh New Rock. Their now Top 5 Canadian and U.S rock radio hit “hometown”, which independently amassed over 60 million streams without any label or marketing support, continues to make waves with recent support from Spotify (featured on the front cover of their flagship “Rock This” playlist), Apple Music and Amazon (included in their Ones to Watch for 2021). 

Over lockdown, the lifelong best friends found themselves spiritually and physically trapped in the very basement they’d romanticized so deeply on their early records. But after a few weeks the two emerged feeling more self-aware, vulnerable, hungry, and vengeful than ever before. With their eyes set on this year Gruntz reveals, “a handful of new songs were sparked by this solitude, and we ended up quickly replacing parts of our next album we thought we had been ready to record.” He goes on, “We tracked with a vengeance. We had fire in our eyes — memories of mosh pit-friendships, shaken venue floors, and late-night interstate wrong-turns in our hearts. We recorded these songs as a love-letter to everything we had experienced prior to Covid, and everything we are longing to be reunited with.” 

Additional details about the band’s forthcoming debut full-length will be announced in the coming months.

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