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Jack White Shares Two Versions Of New Track “Taking Me Back”

American musician Jack White has returned with his brand new track “Taking Me Back”.

The first iteration titled “Taking Me Back (Gently)” is a vintage homage laden with vaudevillian flair. A classic track with swinging instrumentals and a traditional vocal set.

The second iteration is more contemporary and aggressive. A powerful explosion of electronic exploration, dripped in controlled feedback, ripping guitar, bombastic beats, and vocals hollering into the void.

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Listen to “Taking Me Back (Gently)”

Listen to “Taking Me Back”

“Taking Me Back” lyrics:

I’ll Bet You Do
When You Take Out The Figures
And When You Pull All The Triggers,
Well You’re Taking Me Back
You’re Taking Me Back.

When You Listen To Mystics
As You Lay At Your Picnics.
You’re Taking Me Back.
You’re Taking Me Back.

I’ll Bet You Do,
But Not For Long.
I’m Alone,
But Not For Long.

When I’m Down On The Floor You’ll See
That No One Will Notice Me
It’s Breaking My Back.
Breaking My Back.

When You Drop The Mail Off To Me
And Make Us Both Coffee
Are You Taking It Black?
Are You Taking Me Back?

I’ll Bet You Do,
But Not For Long.

I’ll Bet You Do Feel Alone,
But Not For Long.

It’s Breaking My Back
It’s Breaking My Back

When You Forgive The Friction
And You Talk About Christmas,
Are You Taking Me Back?
Taking Me Back.

When I Recall The History
These Kids Are A Mystery
They’re Taking Me Back
They Are Taking Me Back

Taking Me Back.

I’ll Bet You Do.
I’ll Bet, I’ll Bet You,

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