Kerry King Unleashes Fiery Debut Single "Residue" with Intense Music Video

Kerry King Unleashes Fiery Debut Single “Residue” with Intense Music Video

Kerry King, renowned for his contributions to thrash metal as a founding member of Slayer, steps into the spotlight with his solo debut album “From Hell I Rise,” scheduled for release on May 17 under Reigning Phoenix Music. Today, he unveils “Residue,” the album’s latest single, along with its accompanying music video. Co-directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera, known for their work with prominent metal acts, the video showcases King’s new band members – Mark Osegueda on vocals, Phil Demmel on guitar, Kyle Sanders on bass, and drummer Paul Bostaph.

Louvau’s vision for the video was straightforward yet powerful: a high-energy, intense metal performance introducing Kerry King’s new project and band, engulfed in flames and surrounded by burning pentagrams. The fiery imagery aligns seamlessly with King’s musical style, which has often delved into horror themes and dark narratives.

King, known for his affinity for fire-related visuals and themes, expressed his excitement about incorporating fire into the video as it complements his music’s dark and intense vibe. The video serves as an electrifying introduction to King’s new band and their musical direction, capturing the essence of their dynamic and aggressive sound.

Watch “Residue” here:

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