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Pale Waves Release New Song; “The Hard Way”

Per the official press release –

As they head into the final stretch of their U.S. tour opening for 5 Seconds of Summer, indie darlings Pale Waves have released their newest track “The Hard Way” from their upcoming album Unwanted, out August 12 via Dirty Hit. PRESS HERE to listen to the soul-stirring track which serves as a reminder to be kind and encourages people to stand up for those in need. Biting down with a determination that forbids history to repeat itself, “The Hard Way” reflects on Heather’s wish that her childhood self had done more for a girl who ended up taking her own life after being bullied at school.

“When I was in high school a girl who was being bullied took her own life,” shares Heather on the inspiration for the song. “I got on the bus with her every single morning and I would see her sitting in her same spot. She sat downstairs, and I would go upstairs. ‘The Hard Way’ is about my regret for not helping her, or standing up for her, that I feel now as an adult.

“As a kid you’re so shy and afraid, but I hope it’ll influence people to stand up for those who need help, and help people understand that their words and actions can be really damaging. You don’t know how cruel you can be sometimes, especially at that age.”

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“The Hard Way” follows the release of new single “Jealousy,” an amped-up anthem that explores a darker shade of love and jealousy as something that proves devotion while effortlessly showcasing the band’s chic and stylized approach to alternative rock. The album also features recently released track “Reasons To Live,” a euphoric burst of energy premiered by Zane Lowe about finding someone who keep going, and lead single “Lies” – an angst-fueled, rebellious pop-punk anthem that pairs the crunchy guitars and rhythmic drive of 2000s with the rage of a 90s rock band to speak to lies catching up with someone who has shattered your trust.

Building on Pale Waves’ previous album Who Am I?, which saw Heather becoming more personal in her songwriting to open up about her journey of self-discovery and falling in love, Unwanted draws strength from not fitting the mold and takes a step further, marking new territory for Pale Waves as they explore loss, vanity, anger, jealousy and hopelessness with crunchy guitars, classic pop-punk rhythmic drive, and the rage of a 90s rock band. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Zakk Cervini (Blink-182, Halsey, Machine Gun Kelly), Unwanted introduces 13 tracks of classic pop punk with an edge to tap into darker emotions than ever before while also striking a fresh tone of defiance and reaching out into the passionate community of self-described misfits and LGBTQIA+ fans around the band. PRESS HERE to pre-order Unwanted.

“The album dives into feelings that I felt not only needed to be written but I felt like our fans want to hear,” continues Heather on the themes that inspired Unwanted. “Almost everyone has felt like they don’t belong, or has been made to feel like they’re not good enough. That’s a consistent theme that I’m seeing from our fans – that their family doesn’t approve of them, or their friends have disowned them because they’ve come out. So Unwanted had to be honest, provocative and loud. Not only thematically, but in the music as well.”

Currently touring as the official opener on 5 Seconds of Summer’s nationwide U.S. amphitheater tour, Pale Waves will also be playing a string of select headline shows before taking the stage for huge international festival dates. PRESS HERE for tickets.

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