Reignwolf – “Cabin Fever’

Per the official press release –

Reignwolf shares new song “Cabin Fever” in the form of an angsty black and white video shot and recorded entirely in his garage, where he’s seen drumming, playing guitar and singing. In classic Reignwolf Thrash N Dash style, the new track was created with a sense of urgency. Holed up in his home he was forced to trade in the safety and comfort of the studio for his 4-track recorder and one microphone. Reignwolf was originally booked to play Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium this Saturday, May 2.
Jordan Cook explains further, saying:“The song came together quickly and I didn’t want to wait to record it so I used what was available. I dusted off the 4-track, set up a single mic in the garage and went to work. It felt like old times when I used to record in my bedroom before I’d ever gone into a studio. It has this vibe that made it different from anything I’d ever done. There’s a lot of tension out there and that’s baked right into the song. We’re living in the unknown right now. I don’t know when we’ll hit the road again, but here’s a little something for our friends with cabin fever.”

Reignwolf – “Cabin Fever’
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