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Sheppard – “Thank You”

Per the official press release –

Picking the perfect Mother’s Day gift that manages to land squarely between ‘thoughtful’ and ‘affordable’, while also showing true gratitude is a challenge at the best of times let alone trying to do it in the middle of a global pandemic, trapped in isolation with mum looking over your shoulder.

But despite the lockdown measures in place, Australian pop group Sheppard have managed to pull together the ultimate mother’s day surprise in secret, all while trapped in isolation, with their mum Linda in the room next door.

“Flowers, wine, chocolates; they’re all great gifts to celebrate your mum, but this year we wanted to take a more personal approach” said Sheppard singer Amy Sheppard. “For the past few months we’ve been covertly working on writing and recording “Thank You”, a song that celebrates our amazing mum, Linda.” 

Filled with signature Sheppard sounds, pop hooks and lyrics that openly and honestly recount memorable moments from the bands childhood and teenage years, “Thank You” is all in the title: a deeply personal thank you message to their mum this Mother’s Day.

“Our mum has been such an incredibly important member of our band. She’s always been there behind the scenes as a silent helping hand, making life easier for us in any way she can. Said George Sheppard“This year we couldn’t get out of the house to physically buy her a gift or to take her to lunch, so this Mother’s Day we wanted to do something a bit different. We wrote “Thank You” to our mum (all mums all over the world really) as a song of gratitude – not just for putting up with us in isolation these past few weeks, but for looking after us for our entire lives!” 

Written by the band’s core writing team of George and Amy Sheppard and guitarist Jay Bovino, the band’s sixth release from their forthcoming album is more than just a thank you to their mum, it’s proof that it’s the thought that counts on Mother’s Day.

“Our mum is like an extra member of the band. She’s been by our side for some of the most important moments of our career, from playing in stadiums, festivals and clubs in over 60 countries around the world. Said Emma Sheppard “We’ve spent A LOT of time in airports and horrible hotels over the years and she’s always been there supporting us. We’re beyond lucky to have her on board!”

Released track by track, month by month, and accompanied by music videos, art and content splashed across the bands social channels; Sheppard’s forthcoming 2020 release will slowly begin to take shape over the coming months.

‘Thank You’ is the band’s sixth release from the forthcoming album.

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