Ticketmaster to Refund Past Fees

So you know when you buy tickets from Ticketmaster and you are forced to pay all sorts of ungodly fees? Well good news you can get some of that money back. Per Pitchfork.com:

You know all those crazy fees Ticketmaster has been making you pay for years? Well, you’re going to be getting a little of that back. Very little, that is.

As Business Insider reports (via Billboard), due to a class action settlement originally filed in 2003, Ticketmaster is being forced to pay back its customers for the questionable “processing fees” it has taken for over a decade. If you used the service to purchase tickets between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011, you’re entitled to a $1.50 credit per ticket order on up to 17 orders per customer. And if you had UPS deliver the tickets, you’ll receive an additional $5.00 credit per ticket. Big money, big money. If customers claim less than $11.25 million, Ticketmaster will donate the rest to charity.

To join the settlement, go to this website.

So act fast, this means you can get a few bucks back. Hurry up and join the settlement. (note: limited to U.S. citizens only)

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  1. “You must also have been a resident of the United States at the time of your purchase”

    Doesn’t help a lot of the Vancouver concert addicts I am afraid.

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