Squamish Valley Music Festival Cancels 2016 Installment

squamish valley music festival cancels 2016

Well folks we woke up to some bad new today.

A note was posted on the Squamish Valley Music Festival website.

The note reads:

A message from the Squamish Valley Music Festival:

We have made the extremely difficult decision to not proceed with the 2016 festival, due to take place in August. This decision was not made lightly and we sincerely apologize to all the people this decision affects: the fans, artists, industry partners, corporate partners, suppliers and all of our supporters within the community of Squamish.

This is a devastating blow to the summer festival scene in the Great Vancouver area.

It is really hard to say what happened. Was it the dwindling Canadian dollar? Was it the increasing competition with the likes of Pemberton, Rifflandia, and Bumbershoot? Was it partially caused by their recent purchase of Union Events?

Another thing that is worth noting is that all the festivals social pages are gone as well.

Squamish Vallery Music Festival Twitter page
Squamish Vallery Music Festival Facebook page
Squamish Vallery Music Festival Instagram page

We have been covering Squamish Valley Music Festival since it’s inception back in 2010 when it was called Live At Squamish.

In light of this recent events, it looks like they could be cancelling the festival altogether if you really think about it.

Since Live Nation bought Union Events about 3-4 weeks back, they also acquired X-Fest in Calgary and Sonic Boom in Edmonton. From a logistical point of view it would make sense for them to dump Squamish and put their Western Canadian festival focus on those two festivals. Plus they would have less competition for major artists.

Since those two festivals are the same lineups on the same weekend, they could feasibly do something like Reading/Leeds and book some really huge artists that will alternate nights between both festivals.

Edmonton and Calgary are due for a big festival, and this could be the push/reasoning/moment in time/etc that it starts.

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