Tom Segura 2021 promotional image for "I'm Coming Everywhere" stand-up comedy tour

Tom Segura Expands “I’m Coming Everywhere” Tour

Per the official email blast from –

I’m very excited to announce over 60 more dates on the I’m Coming Everywhere tour! We are having a special pre-sale for people on this list starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21 at 10 AM local time with pre-sale code TOMMY. All dates and ticket links are posted at

After the announcement of the first leg of the tour back in May, I got a lot of angry emails and sexts and faxes from people saying “wait- you said you’re coming everywhere, but I don’t see the place where I live on that list.” Please know, I’ve forwarded all of that communication to my team – we take it very, very seriously – and we are devising a plan to come where you are, even building new theaters where needed, to ensure you are accommodated.

So, if you do not see your city on this list of over 60 new dates today, it likely means that our team has yet to break ground on the new theatre (named after you, of course) in your city, town or farm. It might also mean that we just haven’t announced those dates yet and will soon. But either way, you have my word – I will not stop until I’ve come literally everywhere.

You will also notice that this announcement today includes stops in one foreign country (Canada). You might be wondering if we’re doing this simply to be able to legally call it a “world tour.” Though that would be a clever technicality, I assure you that Canada is only the first of many places I will come that are not in the USA (I’m talking to you, Australia and Europe, but probably not to you, Louisiana.)

In the meantime, for those of you in or near places on this list today, I’m really looking forward to coming there. Get your tickets starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21 at 10 AM local time with pre-sale code TOMMY.

I love you and am physically attracted to you and I look forward to seeing you soon.


P.S. I am actually coming to Louisiana. I told you- I’m coming everywhere.


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