TV On The Radio Is Intense

Very few bands out there get me sticking their albums on repeat, over and over until I literally think there is no other music on the planet. One of these rare bands that has crept inside of me and taken control of my body is TV On The Radio. They have such a unique, near funk sound, mixed with these elegant vocals and rhythmic sweeping digital additions, they are an intense band to take in.

This group has 5 official studio albums, each one is better than the last. I find the music starts off almost a little slow. It seems simple at first. But after a few beats, you start to feel the complex texture unravel in your ear. Trumpets, and switch beats stroking your soul. Ominous vocals that tug at you, obscure and unique in their perfection. This band is amazing and if you have not heard them you need to check them out this very instant. Drop what you are doing, and listen to them now. Here are some songs.

If you like what you are listening to, I mean you should because this band is stellar, then you should know they are coming to Vancouver. They are playing two shows at the Commodore Ballroom. The first show is July 20th (TV On the Radio night 1) and the second is on the 21st (TV On The Radio night 2). This is going to be an insane evening of musical delight. So if you don’t have tickets then you need to go buy some right now.

For more information on the band:

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