Adler’s Appetite; Good To Be Alive Tour

Well Vancouver, Steven Adler is coming here to play the Rickshaw Theater with his band Adlers’s Appetite – more info. The constant struggles this man has had, have been front and center with the media for years. From his fall from grace, back when he was thrown out of Guns ‘N Roses, to his addiction to heroin, he has had it rough. Through it all he has always managed to make music and stay relative in the world he loves. You can’t help but route for him, he is as honest and humble as they come.

During the hey day of Guns ‘N Roses, I was infatuated with the entire group. No member was more important to me, each one was special. All these very special entities came together and produced a level of music, that in my opinion, has never been surpassed. That is compared to all new bands, and even to all re-births of Axl ‘N Roses. The reason is each member brought something amazing and unique to the group. Once they started dismantling and reassembling, the group never sounded the same. Right off the bat it is clear to see that Matt Sorum was never anything close to Steven Adler. Adler was all about attitude and love. He had this charismatic, animalistic approach to playing that added a great backbone to each song. Regardless of the reasons, when Adler left, they should have changed the name of the band. In my mind it was no longer GNR.

Now we have Steven running his own band, Adler’s Appetite. They have been pumping out solid rock since 2003. The only album they have blessed us with was the self titled release in 2005, but snippets and live videos have been all over the net since the beginning. Most recently Adler jumped behind the kit with Steel Panther, during a live show, playing the beat to Sweet Child O’ Mine – video here.

Regardless of when and where, this man and his band are about rock and fucking roll. They play a mean set, they play with intensity and they rock anywhere that will have them. The show at the Rickshaw hasn’t even gone live yet, you cannot buy tickets as of right now. But when it does, I encourage you to get out there and check this group out, they will blow you away. Steven Adler is a legend, missing him would be a sin.

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